Website development

Business card site

The business card site is designed and filled in a corporate style with information content. The minimalism of the site-business card allows you to concentrate on basic information and get the information you need in a few minutes. The business card is designed for:

  • creation of an Internet platform for attracting new customers and partners;
  • creating a direct link between the site owner and visitors;
  • increasing the visibility of the company or individual;
  • increase sales and interest of potential customers.


Landing is a web page where attention is concentrated on one or more objects, without dissipating the attention of visitors on small details. The goods or offers placed on them are often in great demand, rather than using other types of Internet-platforms. Landing is designed for:

  • bright and memorable presentation of the product;
  • focus on selling one or more products;
  • increasing brand awareness, personality, activities;
  • demonstrating the obvious competitive advantages of the product.

Corporate website

A corporate website is the face of a company or brand. With the help of a corporate website, you will be able to establish profitable partnerships, increase profits and find new customers. The corporate site is designed for:

  • increase in the number of orders;
  • search for new partners;
  • entering the international market;
  • increasing the recognition of the product;
  • attracting the target audience in the network.

Online store

With the help of the online-store you can sell any products and services. Efficient appearance, quality content, convenient menu, wide functionality – all of this should have a profitable store. We study your product before the development , either the product of competitors, which gives an ability to allocate your online store as much as possible against the background of others.

  • comfort for users;/span>
  • adaptation for mobile devices;
  • attractive design;
  • necessary functional;
  • optimal production time;
  • site administration;
  • platform security.

The cost may vary depending on the individual requirements for the project. Check with the manager for details.


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